Springshield is a highly resilient combination of either Monel per QQ-N-281 or SnCuFe (tin coated, copper-clad steel) per ASTM B520 inter-knit with a special stainless steel spring wire. This combination is an excellent choice for applications with severe joint unevenness and low available closing force.
Shielding Effectiveness
"H" Field (200 kHz) 55-65 db
"E" Field (100 kHz) 95-105 db
Plain Wave (1 GHz) 85-95 db


Monel and Stainless 30-7033-XXXX
SnCuFe and Stainless 30-7034-XXXX
Springshield Custom Gasket 30-1015-XXXX

Note: For pressure sensitive adhesive, change the fourth digit to a 7 in lieu of 0.

Part Number Diameter
-0001 0.250"
-0002 0.312"
-0003 0.375"
-0004 0.500"
-0005 0.625"