Product Selection

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Product Code 10 - Commercial Products
A wide range of materials in solid, sponge, extruded, or custom form for applications where only an environmental seal is required.
Product Code 20 - Elastomer Filled or Unfilled Metals
Unfilled or filled elastomeric material where application requires environmental seal.
Product Code 21 - Wire Oriented in Silicone
An Excellent combination EMI/RFI environmental seal material, where high levels of shielding effectiveness are required. Available in sheets, strips, or custom gaskets in either sponge or solid silicone.
Product Code 30 - Springshield
Stainless steel spring wire knitted together with SnCuFe (tin plated, copper clad steel) wire or monel wire to provide a low cost EMI/RFI shield. For applications with low closing force, joint unevenness, or anywhere a low compression set is required. Pressure sensative adhesive is available to facilitate mounting.
Product Code 35 - Wire Mesh Bonded to Elastomer
Knitted wire mesh, with or without an elastomer core, linearly bonded to an elastomer to form an EMI/RFI and environmental seal. Pressure sensitive adhesive backing can be applied to elastomer to facilitate mounting.
Product Code 38 - Knitted Wire Mesh
For use where high shielding effectiveness is require without an environmental seal. Cross sections include round, rectangular, tadpole, dumbbell, and sleeve form, which can be used as an economical means to wrap unshielded cable assemblies. Available in SnCuFe or monel. Custom hand formed gaskets are also available.
Product Code 40 - Air Ventilation Panels
Custom made of brass, aluminum or steel with a thickness range of .250" to 1.00". Available with tin, chromate, or nickel plating and frame seal gasketing.
Product Code 41 - Conductive Adhesives
Used to produce high strength conductive bonds between metals, metal to plastic, or other special applications. Compounds include nickel in silicone, silver glass, silver aluminum, and silver copper in silicone.
Product Code 42-58 - Conductive Elastomers
Silicone, fluorosilicone, or EPDM products containing particle filled conductive material such as: silver plated aluminum, copper, glass, or nickel. Available in sheet form, custom gaskets, extrusions, and molded product.
Product Code 62 -Shielding Windows
Shielded optical filters are available utilizing a wide variety of knitted or woven mesh to meet the most stringent shielding requirements. Clear or color cast acrylic windows are available in sizes up to 15" x 21".