Welcome to Effective Shielding Company

Effective Shielding Company specializes in producing the highest quality materials and products for emi shielding and rfi shielding.  With over 20 years of intense technical research and product testing, we have established the expertise and first-hand knowledge to provide military and commercial equipment the highest protection and isolation from external magnetic fields as well as electromagnetic radiation. All of our materials and products are meticulously crafted to ensure that military and commercial equipment perform at their intended levels.  These specially designed materials offer a thorough and effective shield from unwanted and potentially damaging emi and rfi interference.

Our engineering specialists produce materials and parts for a wide variety of shielding needs, offering a complete line of custom commercial products.  Gaskets and materials, conductive adhesives, shielding windows, wire mesh, and air ventilation panels are just a few examples of the emi shielding and rfi shielding products we provide.  For our full line of products, click here.

Effective Shielding Co. understands the delicate balance between the price and quality of emi shielding and rfi shielding products.  We firmly believe that the quality of shielding materials and products should not be jeopardized based on cost.  Our reasonably priced, highly resilient shielding products ensure that your equipment will perform successfully on a consistent basis rather than failing when needed most.

We are dedicated to serving our customers in the same manner we would like to be served. Timely requests for quote response, fair price consideration, on time deliveries, and stringent quality controls are the way we insure our customers get the best product, price, and delivery possible. Our computerized part numbering cross-reference system enables us to respond immediately to your requests for catalog items and materials currently used within the industry. Contact our Sales Office or our representative in your area for design assistance or emi shielding and rfi shielding quotation requirements.